Sunday, January 15, 2006

Latin on Prarie Home Companion

Everyone knows that Garrison Keillor loves English majors. Or loves to mock them and remind them that they can do nothing with a degree in English. But I didn't know that he loves Latin.

I am an English major. Er, well, I was until I graduated with my English degree, that is. I guess now I am an English degree holder. That counts for something, right? Not if you're looking for a job. As you know, I've become a teacher. A Latin teacher, to be exact. This is my third year and I love it. But imagine my surprise and elation when Garrison Keillor announced that his next guest would be quoting a poem in Latin! Ah... music to my ears, made sweeter by the classical pronunciation to which I adhere, but which is so often discarded for the ecclesiastical. It was beautiful and it made me glad to be addicted to NPR.

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