Saturday, April 09, 2005

Articles on Teaching Latin Grammar

Memoria Press has made some of their previously published articles available online. Two articles on teaching the Grammar of Latin (Article 1, Article 2) could be helpful in emphasizing to a new Elementary Latin teacher the basic necessity of learning the conjugations, declensions, and paradigms thoroughly before moving on to translation in Latin. I like what the author says about making sure students are drilled thoroughly enough to give various forms for words immediately upon request. The author discourages the memorization of long lists of vocabulary, but says that obtaining a vocabulary of 500-1000 words over four years is acceptable. In elementary Latin at Petra, we are within this vocabulary limit. I think our curriculum could better use the vocabulary in drill sentences and we could use model sentences to futher drill the most commonly used vocabulary. It is worth mentioning that when the author refers to "overlearning," she is referring to review.

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