Friday, April 03, 2009

6am coffee

What better way to start out a Friday morning than with a 6am Bible Study at a coffee shop?

Can't think of one? Me either!

I have contemplated joining this Bible Study more than once, but have always been too lazy to get up early in the morning. The last two weeks, though, I have been getting up at 5am and getting stuff done, so I guess that excuse just doesn't hold any more. =D So on Sunday I talked to Mel about joining the study and she said they were starting a new book this week. Perfect!! We are studying "Living Beyond Yourself" by Beth Moore, a study on the fruits of the Spirit. I am really excited about the study! What I am probably MOST excited about is the fact that we are doing one day of the book per week. It does mean it will take us about a year to get through the book, but it also means that (1) I will be more likely to do the study, since each "day" consists of several pages of questions and I have had trouble getting all 5 in when I've done studies like this in the past and (2) we will actually get to study more in depth on Friday mornings since we're not rushing to get through 15-20 pages of material in an hour!

Today we focused on Act 13:50 and 14:22. Good stuff to think about! We had lots of questions about why they were women of high standing (since culturally we didn't think women held positions of high standing, but maybe they were just the influential wives of ruling men), and we had good discussions about what we need to do in order to keep ourselves from being incited to persecute others.

We have a good sized group, if you ask me, with 6-7 members. I think that's great! A good sized group for discussion, and a pretty good sized group for 6am!

I'm looking forward to the material and studying with this group of women!

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